The Crucial Role of Connecting Ranchers with Buyers

The journey from farm to table is a complex one. Everyone knows that owning a business is hard work, ranchers are no exception. So much goes into getting a ranching producer’s meat onto your plate. Every succulent steak, savory roast, or tender cut of meat carries a narrative of dedication, passion, and expertise. However, this narrative often remains untold, hidden behind the scenes of bustling kitchens and busy dining rooms. This is where the pivotal role of connecting producers with chefs and buyers comes into play, and Ratcliff Premium Meats (RPM) is no exception from this hustle. 

Aside from the day-to-day on-the-farm work, Ratcliff Premium Meats has a sizable ranch to operate daily. They have a crew working on the ranch and a crew working behind a computer. Their roadmap for the business includes increasing awareness of the brand to ensure they can grow while guaranteeing that every single bite stays delicious and consistent. 

But why is it crucial to bridge the gap between working on the ranch and reaching culinary professionals? It answers the logistical gap that closes the entire modern culinary ecosystem.

One of RPM’s goals this summer is to create a larger national and international presence with this missing piece. First and foremost, fostering direct relationships between producers and chefs fosters a deeper understanding of the product. They are doing this by representing the brand at various events around the globe. In early June, Ratcliff Premium Meats CEO, Kimberly Ratcliff went to China for 10 days to focus on getting the product into a hotel chain. The sustainability of the brand means bringing the product into the hands of more customers. This is not just vital for the meat business, but it is a benefit for more people eating sustainably sourced and healthy food. 

Kimberly is no stranger to travel, she flies regularly to promote and expand the prospects of the business. That same month she is going to Baltimore to meet with prospective chefs to introduce them to Ratcliff Premium Meats and have them see the product for themselves. This is just another opportunity to work with talented people and build the future of the company. 

Additionally, collaboration between ranching producers and chefs sparks innovation in the kitchen. By working together, chefs can experiment with lesser-known cuts, explore traditional cooking techniques, and develop unique flavor combinations that highlight the natural richness of the meat. 

Meat producers have a big job when it comes to promotion. In the case of RPM, this collaborative approach has been instrumental in showcasing the product and expanding the operations. Luckily for Kimberly, branding is in her blood. She worked for seven years at Bloomberg LP in New York City in the branding department. She understands the work that is put into growing and building a company’s name. However, not every rancher has this kind of experience or understanding of this aspect of the business. Kimberly knows that it’s a numbers game, she understands that getting your name, face, and product in the spotlight helps with sales. It’s not an innate part of the job but it is a critical one for future growth. 

Ensuring that Ratcliff Premium Meats and other beef producers have their products in the hands of buyers, and ultimately in the mouths of customers is paramount. Attention, dedication, and hard work are just the start of the process. 

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