Ratcliff Community Base Organization Will Bridge the Gap Between Consumers and Farmers

OAKWOOD, Texas (March 25, 2024) – Ratcliff Premium Meats (RPM) is excited to announce the creation and launch of Ratcliff Community Base Organization (CBO) with a mission to give back to the local community which has allowed RPM to help feed families around the world. Ratcliff CBO is a nonprofit designed to assist Black producers and local youth with sustainable agricultural practices through education and minimizing barriers, including funding acquisition hurdles. RPM will also partner with Ratcliff CBO to provide services including assisting with genetic research on livestock, increasing the availability of fresh foods while focusing on environmental sustainability, and supporting underserved communities to further the nonprofit’s ultimate goal of connecting consumers with farmers in a healthy and holistic way. 

Ratcliff Community Base Organization was founded in December 2023 by Kimberly Ratcliff. Ratcliff currently serves as CEO of Ratcliff Premium Meats and President of Ratcliff Community Base Organization. Earlier this year, Ratcliff CBO brought on Gwendolyn Lusk as Executive Director to help support the organization by bringing her wealth of knowledge and background in the operations, finance, human capital, and HR/M&A spaces. 

“It is extremely important to myself and my entire family to give back to those around us,” says Ratcliff. “That’s why we decided to create Ratcliff Community Base Organization. We know that generational success starts and ends with helping others and we are a mission to make a difference for today and tomorrow.”

“Since inception, we have been focusing on working alongside Texas farmers, ranchers, and youth to set and attain realistic goals,” says Lusk. “We know that this pace will allow us to see success in the near term. However, we have a clear roadmap and know that one day Ratcliff CBO can become a global effort to impact countless people in the agricultural space.” 

Ratcliff CBO consists of a board of five individuals, each of whom brings a unique skill set to help guide the future of the organization. 

For more information, contact Gwendolyn Lusk at [email protected].